• Taking with your children are welcomed.

    Taking with your children are welcomed.

  • Online lesson is convenient for busy business people and busy parents

    Online lesson is convenient for busy business people and busy parents

  • You can study business Japanese intensively.

    You can study business Japanese intensively.

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kt Japanese Learning is a parent-friendly Japanese language school in Kyoto.

We offer one-on-one lesson online and in Kyoto, Osaka, and Shiga.


Our students 


こんな方々に、「kt Japanese Learning」は最適です。



Why choose kt Japanese Learning?


Qualified and experienced teachers 




IMG_6004.JPG DSC_0140.JPG Yano Satoko.JPG

Ms.Ochi  Ms.Taniguchi  Ms.Yano 



・You can learn vocabulary and expressions for parenting.

・Taking lessons with your child is possible.


Same-day cancellations





・You can contact your teacher anytime.




No admission fee




A variety of options for lesson hours and locations 


・Online lesson (1700 yen~)

・Nagaokakyo classroom lesson (4400 yen~) 教室はこちら

・On-site lesson (5400 yen~)



Student Testimonials

"One reason I enjoy taking lessons with kt Japanese Learning is how enjoyable the lessons are, especially because my instructor is very capable at finding suitable learning materials. I have been taking lessons twice a week for about two years now, and have been using a variety of helpful textbooks. But the lessons don’t always center around textbooks, my instructor has been very accommodating to topic changes, so I’m sure any learner will be able to find the learning style that suits them with kt Japanese Learning." L.Cさん (Photographer and English teacher


 "If you are considering learning Japanese but has no time due to work or family obligations, kt Japanese Learning via Skype is a really good alternative to taking group lessons at a time that may not be convenient to you. Taniguchi Sensei is a very approachable teacher. Whenever I encounter a situation in life that needed assistant with Japanese conversation (at the hair salon, at the dentist office, at the library trying to make a library card...), sensei is always willing to...".Read more  Cさん (A mother of two and Researcher from Hong Kong)