矢野 聖子
Representative / Japanese teacher




M.A. in Politics, Waseda University
B.A.in Law, Meiji University

レッスン場所Online and kyoto 京都駅から一時間以内

Teaching Experience:
I have taught at several Japanese language schools in Tokyo, Jiangxi Agricultural University Nanchang Business College, National Defense Academy of Japan, various private companies in Tokyo, and on Skype.

English Ability:Advanced

 Other languages I can speak:Chinese (Intermediate), Italian(Elementary)

Testimonial :
Yano sensei is very comprehensive, patient and flexible We’ve experienced one on one online classes with her. She helped us with Japanese language as well as with everyday situations, like identifying products, locations, customs, events.
She is kind and cheerful as well, providing confidence and support. Her positive reinforcement makes the student eager to improve him/herself.
Thank you so much, Yano sensei!
 L 様 A mother of one daughter  Online Lesson 2021年5月

谷口 真樹子
Japanese teacher


M.A. in Language Education and Communication, Showa Women's University
B.A.in Language and Culture, Osaka University of Foreign Studies

レッスン場所:Online and Tokyo 中央線沿線東京駅から立川駅まで

Teaching Experience:
I have taught at:
- Forest Grove High School in Oregon, US
- Neil Armstrong Middle School in Oregon, US
- St.Thomas University of Osaka
- Ritsumeikan University Graduate School
- HIDA(The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association)
- several Japanese language schools in Osaka
- various private companies in Osaka
- on Skype

English Ability:Intermediate

Other languages I can speak:Chinese (intermediate)

 Testimonial :

Taniguchi sensei is very cheerful and comprehensive. She has a way to work with kids that is wonderful. She teaches hiragana, vocabulary, grammar but also posture, politeness, behaviour (that part might be obvious for Japanese people, but it is not for foreigners).  Everything needed to enter elementary school. Thank you so much, Taniguchi sensei! My daughter, which is a little bit difficult to motivate, is really fond of Taniguchi sensei and wants to take more classes.

 Kaylee Arens様  5 years old   On-site lesson in Tokyo   2021年5月 お母様より頂きました。

越智 雅世
Japanese teacher


レッスン場所:Online and Osaka 八尾市、大阪市

M.A. in Commerce, Kindai University
B.A. in International Studies, Poole Gakuin University

English Ability:Intermediate

Other languages I can speak:
Chinese (native), Taiwanese(native)