2021-05-17 13:57:00

当校講師、谷口のレッスンを受講いただいているKaylee Arens様(5才)のお母さまより、お声をいただきましたのでご紹介させていただきます。


1 Why does your daughter want to study Japanese?
As we now be live in Japan, my daughter will attend to Japanese elementary school. Therefore, she must read and write Japanese language.

2 Before taking lessons with kt Japanese Learning, what were your problems when studying Japanese?
As foreigners, we don’t have much Japanese language content at home. My daughter didn’t learn enough basics to attend to elementary school.

3 Did you decide to sign up right away or were you thinking for a while?
As the time passed, I realised the more we wait, the more difficult it would be for her at school. The feedback I got about kt Japanese Learning was positive.

4 What was the deciding factor to sign up lessons?
Several points were very attractive: the teacher’s curriculum, the one on one lessons, and the online class possibility. However, we chose the one on one on site class, as my daughter was a bit inattentive with online classes. 

5 How are the lessons?
The lessons are great. They are adapted to our needs, it provides confidence to my daughter and the eagerness to learn the language.

6 Could you give any message to Japanese Learners who are thinking about taking lessons at kt Japanese Learning, please?
I highly recommend kt Japanese Learning. They offer personalised courses, for reasonable prices. They are flexible and while they are very professional, they remind kind and friendly. They will assist you all the way and encourage you to give your best.

7 About Taniguchi sensei
Taniguchi sensei is very cheerful and comprehensive. She has a way to work with kids that is wonderful. She teaches hiragana, vocabulary, grammar but also posture, politeness, behaviour (that part might be obvious for Japanese people, but it is not for foreigners).  Everything needed to enter elementary school. Thank you so much, Taniguchi sensei!
My daughter, which is a little bit difficult to motivate, is really fond of Taniguchi sensei and wants to take more classes.